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This site is operated by the Akihabara area revitalization project (hereinafter referred to as “our company”).
For any sort of usage of this website, please read the following and continue upon consent.For those who
already read this, please acknowledge that you agree to all of the following.

当社は、当サイトについてあらゆる面から細心の注意を払っています。しかしながら、当社はこれらの信頼性・安全性について一切を保証するものではなく、 また、ご利用の皆様が当サイト、及び当サイトの情報を利用することによって生じるいかなる損害についても、責任を負うものではありません。

Our company pays close attention to every aspect of this website. However our website does not guarantee the safety and reliability,therefore will not be responsible for any damages or accidents under any circumstances.
It may be possible we change and/or delete contents of this website,or to delete our website if necesasry without prior notice.
Please note that we will also not be responsible for any damages or accidentsregarding our changes for any reasons.


■About copyright etc.
All documents, photographs, illustrations, videos, music, software etc. on this site (hereinafter referred to as “contents”),is protected by the copyright owned by our company and the third party.
Contents may not be used for adaptations, public streaming, etc. for any purposes without the permission of our company and copyright holder. Our company will not guarantee the contents of this website, and does not hold any responsiblity for the contents of other sites linked from this website.

当社のウェブサイトは、個人情報の安全を守るために、個人情報に適用される法令・政令・規範、インターネット技術の進化、ならびに当社のサービス内容の変化に応じて、 このサイトポリシーも、その内容を改訂することがあります。改訂につきましては、随時、このページに記載いたします。

■About the revision of this website
To protect the safety of personal data, our website and its contents will obey privacy laws, ordinances and policies,and shall adapt to changes in further internet technology and its policies.In accordance with changes to our service contents,should this site policy be revised.
Updates regarding these modifications will be posted respectively.

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